Wheelchair Accessibility in Taxi and Limo

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

Wheelchair Accessibility Recently, the TLC performed a “sting” where they called and tried to order a wheelchair accessible vehicle from most, if not all for hire vehicle bases, testing for equivalent service in the areas of price, dispatch time and quality vehicle. Unfortunately, the TLC alleges that the For Hire Industry failed to deliver the accessible vehicles 90% of the time. The TLC lumped all For Hire Vehicles in together ,luxury limousines, liveries and black cars. We at the BCAC will endeavor to get a breakdown of who in the industry truly failed, and if the “sting” itself was a viable method to ensure compliance with TLC rules. We will find out how the TLC preformed this “sting” and we will identify if they got a truly accurate depiction of the Black Car industry. The TLC will be issuing summonses against all alleged non Impliant bases. I also believe that the TLC will be imposing additional requirements on the FHV industry beyond requiring a contract with a provider who works with FHV bases to provide wheelchair accessible service.Long periods, assisting passengers in and out of cars and lifting heavy packages incorrectly. The Save-A-Back course was an “Earn While You Learn” opportunity for drivers. Each driver that at-tended the complete class received $200. In the near future, The Fund will offer more Wellness Program opportunities. The law which combined the Critical Driver and Persistent Violator Programs is now in effect. A driver should take a point reduction class as soon as they accumulate any points. If they wait I until they have six points, it is too late! Please refer to my prior columns and the TLC website for more details. 2015 will be another challenging year. Some bases may go out of business while others will get stronger. More “apps” will depart the New York market and will be replaced by the next big thing. At some point, the recent technological enhancements to hit our industry will most likely cause significant regulatory challenges and changes. One thing is for sure: It will not be boring.

Nassau (NYC) creates Taxi & Limousine commission

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

Nassau County lawmakers created a new Taxi and limousine commission that will be tasked with cracking down on the proliferation of illegal cabs and app-based ride-share services. County legislators voted 17-2 in December to approve County Executive Ed Mangano’s plan to create the new department, which the administration said was needed to more efficiently investigate allegations of taxi regulation violations amid the influx of new, largely unregulated cabbies. Supporters say that the county Office of Consumer Affairs  the agency that also en-forces a laundry list of local business laws was ill-equipped to properly follow up on taxi and limo complaints. The newly created department which the administration expects will be self-funded through fines and registration fees will have a commissioner, deputy commissioner, two aides and 10 investigators. Under county law, cabbies can be fined for driving taxis that are not registered, uninsured, unsafe or otherwise not in compliance with the 25-page rules and regulations covering the for hire vehicle industry. Authorities can also conduct stings and seize scofflaws’ cabs. Suffolk County similarly created a taxi and limo commission in June. App-based ride share services that rely on freelance drivers using their own cars have been coming under fire nationwide from taxi drivers that argue such start-ups are unsafe and undercut-ting their business. Local taxi operators expressed support for the bill at the legislature’s Nov. 17 meeting. Larry Blessinger, president of the Nassau Taxi Owners Association, told the legislature that aside from lost revenue, the issue is a matter of public safety, since insurance companies can deny claims to accident victims involved in collisions with illegal cabs & Limo.for further more information visit www.virtualtaxi.com

ILTA award for Newark Airport Car service

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

The ILTA also named its “2014 Limousine & Sedan Operator of the Year” at its annual event this past October: Haider. President of Newark Airport Limo & Taxi received the prestigious award. After serving as a taxicab driver during the 1991s, Haider decided to buy a limo in 1993 with the hopes of starting his own transportation company that would provide a higher level of personalized service to customers. Today, that company, Newark Airport Limo & Taxi provides Car service to Newark Airport Customers. “The level of professionalism in our business has grown . “We always want to keep our promises, so our clients can keep theirs.” John Perry Chief Executive Officer of the ILTA, noted that Haider was selected for this award because of his reliability and dedication to customer service and safety. “Newark Airport Limo & Taxi is a company committed to consistency,” John Perry said. “Haider deserves to be recognized for his innovative efforts to continuously advance the level of service provided for his customers.” Haider takes great pride in keeping his company’s incident rate extremely low, providing flawless service to customers all the way from reservations to accounting. Not only is Newark Airport Limo & Taxi dedicated to providing exceptional service, for further info please visit  www.virtualtaxi.org

Corporate Limo service carries global clout

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

Germany operator and National Limousine Association leader Michael Oldenburg transports the movers and shakers of Europe’s strongest economy.
Wat if a government regulator visited your limousine operation and laid down the following new rules and market demands? Doubling of gas prices, a ban on J-seat stretch limousines, costlier labor and overtime rules, fewer short-term limo licenses for special events, majority Mercedes-Benz fleets, and any chauffeured vehicle with more than nine passengers and a driver must be classified as a bus. No doubt this would incur rebellion in American chauffeured ranks, yet such rules and market demands are reality for limousine operators in Germany. Ger-man and most other European limousine operators deserve a special status in the chauffeured transportation world, since they must make a profit amid obstacles that American operators are spared. Lead German operator Michael Olden-burg, owner and CEO of United Limousines AG of Frankfurt, and a board director of the National Limousine Association, spoke on this with LCT while attending LCT-NLA Show East in Atlantic City, N.J. He runs one of the largest limousine services in Germany, with 50 vehicles spread among operations in Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich and Darmstadt. It has a long client resume of multinational firms and global corporations. And it can relate to many of its clients in one other way, considered rare among limousine companies: United Limousines AG is publicly traded on a German stock index. Oldenburg started his company in 1986 with two partners and three vehicles. He took over as sole owner in 1996, and went public in 2000. The capital boost from going public enabled the firm to evolve from a local service to a large national chauffeured transportation company. It has 141 employees and staffs its offices 24/7.
Market Overview Overall, the German chauffeured transportation market has recovered from the global recession five years ago, with the market split between one and two-car operators who try to get local customers and larger limousine fleet companies that derive most of their business from international clients and global affiliate networks. The smaller operations have lower prices but few commercial offices or 24/7 dispatch. Larger operators have both, but must charge higher rates. Trying to get an accurate total on the number of limousine companies and chauffeured vehicles in Germany is difficult, since governments are not allowed to give out such lists, Oldenburg says. “If you need many cars, you can’t do it with local small companies. Most limousine services you only find around the large airports and cities,” he says. United Limousines is head-quartered near the Frankfurt International Airport. “Except for the British, who are used to car service, other Europeans use public transportation systems or go by car and drive them-selves. There are large parking areas for long-term parked cars near airports with low rates.” German operations are adapting to technological changes such as real-time GPS tracking and SMS communication for clients, electronic name boards, navigation systems and real-time traffic in-formation. As in U.S. cities, the primary drivers of chauffeured business include the finance, capital and banking sectors, consulting, DMCs, Newark Airport Limo and  energy firms.

How to prevent the winter blues

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

There are plenty of people who experience a change of moods during the winter months, particularly a feeling of depression and sadness. Typically when the weather gets warmer, these feelings will begin to Lessen. If you are feeling under the weather luring the cold winter months but not sure if you are having Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), you can check to see if you are experiencing certain symptoms related to the disorder. Diane Lang, a positive living speaker, author and life coach, shares some of the symptoms associated with SAD and eight ways to help prevent the winter blues.
Seasonal Affective Disorder Symptoms: 1. Feelings of sadness, hopelessness and anxiety during the winter months. 2. Feeling fatigue, loss of energy, trouble concentrating and unmotivated. 3. The feelings of sadness, fatigue, isolated, etc. that start out mild and become more severe as the winter progresses. 4. Change in appetite and sleeping habits. 5. Social withdrawal — loss of interest in social activities and hobbies. Some people tend to “hibernate” during the winter months. They don’t leave their house very often during that time and stop socializing and enjoying their daily activities. They start feeling isolated, lonely and depressed. Watch out for this pat-tern.
“The cause of SAD is still unknown but we know environmental factors play a big role,” Diane Lang says. “A person who lives in an area near a lake can get ‘the lake effect’ where he gets so much snow and very little sun all winter, resulting in SAD. We also know that SAD can run in the family —genetics play a role. Seasonal affective dis-order is more common in women and we usually see symptoms starting in young adulthood.”
Treatment and How to Prevent There are different treatment options available for SAD and even ways to help prevent it… or at least the severity of it. 1. Light Therapy: We know that increased sunlight helps improve the symptoms of seasonal disorder. You can buy a “Light Therapy Box,” which mimics outside light and helps lift your mood and spirits. 2. Psychotherapy: A therapist can help you identify your negative thoughts and behaviors and help change them. A therapist can also help you find good coping skills to feel better. 3. Spend some time outdoors to grab some natural light. Take a morning or afternoon walk and take time to sit in the sun to help lift your spirits. Even if the weather is cold and snowy, we do know that being outside in the winter months is beneficial. 4. Exercise: Every time we exercise we produce endorphins while reducing stress hormones. This gives us a boost of happiness. 5. Bring the outdoors inside: Open up the shades and curtains. Move your desks and chairs near the window to bring the sunlight in doors. 6. Don’t let winter make you feel trapped. Make weekly plans to have fun. Whether it’s dinner with friends or catching a movie, just make sure to laugh and socialize. Surround yourself with family and friends to give the extra support you need. 7. Plan a vacation where the weather is warm and the sun is shining. If you feel a sense of isolation and loneliness in the winter months, setting up vacation time in warm, sunny spots can help and give you something to look forward to. 8. Meds: Doctors have prescribed antidepressants that have worked well for some patients that suffer with more severe SAD symptoms.

Tourists urged to visit NYC after the holidays using Newark Airport

Saturday, December 27th, 2014

New York City’s tourism agency and Taxi & Limo services want to lure visitors between January and march by reminding them that there are great deals on theater,restaurants and hotels.NYC & company President Fred Dixon say winter is “an ideal time to experience New York City at a more affordable price using Newark Airport Limo & Taxi service”. Promotions include Restaurant week Feb .16 to March 6.A three course dinner at participating restaurants will be $38.00 plus drinks,tax and tip.Tickets will be two for one during Broadway week Jan 20 to Feb 5 and Off – Broadway week Feb 23 to march 8.NYC & Company and Newark Airport Limo & Taxi  says average hotel rates are at their lowest of the year during January and February.

New Southbound New JerseyTurnpike Lanes Open

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

In November , the Last action of the widened New Jersey Turnpike was opened.Southbound commuters started to roll across newly paved lanes between exit 6 and 9 on the morning of November  3 , a day later then expected , due to rain.The $2.3 billion project is the largest in the 63-years history of New Jersey Turnpike and built the the equivalent of 170 miles of new lanes.Those toll increase , which totaled a 53% on the Turnpike and 50% hike on the Garden state Parkway , were imposed to fund the authority’s 10 year,$7 billion capital program.That program include the  New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway widening  projects. The exit for Newark Airport On New Jersey Turnpike is 13 and 13A

Taxi & Limo required proper opertion in Bus lane in New York

Friday, December 19th, 2014

Taxi & Limo required proper  opertion in Bus lane in New York

New York Taxi & Limo Drivers required to pick-up and drop-off passenger at the curb ,Not in center lane for Buses.Drivers who are picking-up and dropping-off  passengers in the center of the bus lane will be subject to a violation by New York City police Department (NYPD) or Department of Transportation (DOT). Fines for driving,parking or standing in a designated bus lane during hours of operation  range upon conviction.

Newark Airport Taxi 973-856-7345



Decal and Sticker required for new york Taxi and Limo

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

All boro Taxi vehicles will now be required to have on front window .This sticker must be below the “metered fare” decal. New and existing Boro Taxis and Limo must be in compliance with this new requirement by their next scheduled inspection appointment on or after December 15,2014.

in addition to the above requirements ,all TLC licensed vehicles will have the option to display a Vision Sticker on the Vehicle’s rear bumper.While the Taxi and Limousine commission encourages its use,this bumper sticker is optional and will be made available for free at the Taxi and limousine Commission Woodside Inspection Fascility.

Newark Airport Car Service

Friday, November 7th, 2014

Newark Airport limo & Car service




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